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Extruder Screw is A Development Tendency of Power Steering System


Extruder screw is the power steering system of a developing trend in the future.

Screw extruder having a single screw extruder extruder principle: solid conveying pressurized melt mixing and pumping and stripping off volatile, but not so simple.

Study extruder screw extrusion process about three aspects: 1, to find out the real situation, hybrid form, the process of structural change, and, finally, a mixture of two or more phase change materials and polymers in the extrusion process relationship with performance; 2, as the extruder screw, the intrinsic link reaction extrusion molding reaction, speed, performance, and screw configuration, operating conditions between the model used to guide reaction extrusion molding; 3, the polymer of state variation in the extrusion process, the truth and the law conveying exhaust conveying melt solid principles, to establish the physical model of mathematics, used to guide the extruder screw design and optimization of extrusion process repair extruder screw method available hard chrome plated, abrasion and corrosion-resistant chromium is a metal, but a hard chromium layer relatively easily.

Extruder screw in the machine barrel rotation, the friction between the two materials and to make screw and barrel work surface gradually wear: Screw diameter gradually reduced, the inner diameter of the cylinder is gradually increased. Thus, the extruder screw and barrel with the diameter of the gap, with the gradual wear and tear and a little bit of both increased. However, due to the resistance in front of the cylinder head and manifold has not changed, which increases the leakage flow is advanced when the extruded material, that is, material from the diameter of the gap to the direction of feed flow quantity, resulting in the extruder screw production dropped. Extruder screw so that the material in the machine barrel residence time, resulting in material decomposition. If it is polyethylene, the decomposition of hydrogen chloride gas for enhanced corrosion extruder screw and barrel. The material in any calcium carbonate and glass fiber filler, can speed up the wear of the screw and barrel, since the material is not homogeneous plastics, or metal contaminant compound, so that a sudden increase in screw rotation torque, this torque is exceeded ultimate strength of the screw, the screw is broken. This is an unconventional accident damage.

Broken screw extruder according to the actual cylinder diameter to consider, according to the normal gap and barrel give the new outer diameter of screw manufacturing deviations. Extruder screw thread of a reduced diameter surface treated, thermal spraying wear-resistant alloy, and then by grinding to size. This method is generally a professional spray-processing repair, the cost is relatively low. Wear extruder screw threaded portion resistant alloys. According to the degree of wear of extruder screw welding 1 ~ 2mm thick, and then grinding to screw size. This wear-resistant alloy consists of C, Cr, Vi, Co, W and B and other materials, increase the screw anti-wear and anti-corrosion. The high cost of professional welding plant for such processing, in addition to the special requirements of the screw, seldom used.

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