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A Review of the Development of the Robot



According to reports, known as the "father of robotics," Engelberg yesterday passed away, the robot industry association, said he, the robot has become a global industry, it is essential for the robot visible development. So the history of the mighty robot, what great event worthy of us to understand it?

First, what is science robot. Chinese scientists definition of robot is: "robot is an automated machine, the difference is that some people have such a machine or a similar biological intelligence capabilities, such as perception, planning ability, motor ability and collaboration capabilities both. We can accept the command of humans, and can run pre-programmed procedures can also be based on the principles of artificial intelligence technology developed by the Programme of action.

Ancient Robot

Warring States period when artificial actor singing and dancing

Emergence of the term robot and the advent of the world's first industrial robot are things in recent decades. However, people of the robot and the pursuit of fantasy has over 3,000 years of history. Human hope making a humanlike machine, in order to replace humans get things done.

According to the official account of the Warring States Period Run Handicraft Industry, "Research" according to a fable, China Yanshi (an ancient occupation) with animal skins, wood, resin, a singing and dancing actor, not only looks exactly like a live, but also thoughts and feelings, even with lust. Although this is a fable in fantasy, but the use of the Warring States at the time of scientific and technological achievements, but also Chinese wood prototype robot earliest recorded.

Leonardo da Vinci designed a primary robot


Read "The Da Vinci Code," the people may know that Leonardo da Vinci was not only a painter, but also proficient in machinery.

500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci use of wood in the knowledge base on human anatomy, leather and metal design out of the primary robot. According to records, this robot gear as a driving means is connected between the drive rod body, not only can do some simple movements, but also sound, because the interior is also equipped with automatic drum device. However, modern people can not determine whether it is Leonardo da Vinci made the robot, but according to its design touches can restore the personal nature called the world's first mechanical "armored knights."

Also the use of gears and clockwork principle, in the 19th century, Swiss watchmaker invented literate robots. In fact, including today's juvenile record passenger tutorial, many inventions still use gear transmission principle, the difference is more than a motor driven to do.

From the Renaissance to the time between the Warring States period, some of our inventors have devised a number of mechanical devices, such as Zhuge Liang early out "wood flow beasts of burden" machine with a carriage drive means for transporting rations. There are also terms invented by Zhang Heng drum trucks can drive and be automatically calculated drumming reminder.

Biologically functional machine Ap


According to Wikipedia, in 1738, French engineer Jack Johnson wearing Wacker invented a machine duck, it quacks, swim and drink, but also eating and

excretion. Only duck machine is mainly used for medical research.

Called the world's most advanced military robots, one of the Atlas robot


Separated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992 out of Boston Dynamics (Google has been received to hire) have developed a military robot Atlas can walk upright, and all-terrain four-legged robot "big dog", "Doraemon" and so on, it is amazing. The following diagram, which is the world's first military robots, is now serving in Afghanistan.

从机械传动到人工智能,来回顾一下“机器人” 的发展史?

Atlas robot, 1.9 meters tall, with a sound limbs and torso, with 28 hydraulic joints, including the head of the built-in stereo camera and a laser rangefinder, in addition to karate, Florida Association of HCI researchers have even prepared a built-in software lets Atlas you can drive. Therefore, Atlas justifiably claim to be the world's most advanced robots.

Japanese entertainment robots

从机械传动到人工智能,来回顾一下“机器人” 的发展史?

Asimo robot (ASIMO)

Mid-century, Japan has been committed to the development of humanoid robots. Initially, due to the labor shortage, cause the robot to Japanese industrial robot based; later due to an aging population problem is serious, then go to service and entertainment.

In 1969, Ichiro Kato, Waseda University Laboratory developed the first robot to walk with both feet. By 1980, industrial robots really popular in Japan - is a popular, non-degree development of other countries can be compared.

Famous Japanese robot has entered the year 2000, the company launched Hou Suoni robot "Aibo" (AIBO), Honda Motor Company developed humanoid robot ASIMO (ASIMO), the latter being able to walk close to human posture and run.

Astronauts to cosmic machine

从机械传动到人工智能,来回顾一下“机器人” 的发展史?




Now robot development characteristics can be summarized as follows: the transverse - application of surface grows ever wider. In addition to production and cope with daily life, scientists also hope to work more capable robots, including the probe outer space.

In 2012, the United States, "Discovery" s first humanoid robot successfully into the international space station. The machine astronaut named "R2". R2 scope of activities close to humans, and can perform some of the more dangerous missions like astronauts.

AI robot to deep learning breakthrough

从机械传动到人工智能,来回顾一下“机器人” 的发展史?


Now familiar with the "artificial intelligence", "deep learning" In fact there will be a lot of research over the past three decades. With the arrival of the era of big data, data-based learning techniques to the depth of a breakthrough development, such as speech recognition, image recognition, human-computer interaction. A typical representative of artificial intelligence robot, there is IBM's "Watson", Pepper and so on. In future studies in robotics, deep learning is still a big trend.

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