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Screw diameter:Ф12mm〜Ф300mm
Application:extruder、injection molding machine、Dianmu
birthplace: Zhejiang Province, China (mainland)

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Products Details

Ordinary nitriding screw barrel

Technical indicators:

Use distinction: injection molding machine / extruder

Processing range: Ф12mm - Ф300mm

Effective length: 12000mm

Nitriding depth: 0.4mm-0.7mm

Nitriding hardness: HRC58 ° -62 °

Chrome-plated thickness: 0.02mm-0.20mm

Straightness: 0.015mm / m

Applicable plastic range: ABS, PP, PE, 475, PEV and other ordinary plastic.


Bakelite special alloy screw barrel

Use distinction: injection molding machine / extrusion machinery / bakelite machinery

Processing range: diameter Ф20mm-Ф250mm

Effective length: 8000mm

Alloy composition: 88wc / 12c0.Crc / 25Nicr.XaloY108

Alloy hardness: HRC60 ° -65 °

Surface roughness: R0.4

Screw Straightness: 0.015mm

Applicable to all kinds of glass fiber, plastic PPA, PO, PPS, LCP, ABS fire, bakelite powder, magnetic powder, PC and other special engineering plastics.

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