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Conical barrel screw

Screw straightness:0.015mm
Tempering hardness:HB260-290
Nitride hardness:HV800-1050
Material:quality 38CrMoAIA, quality duplex stainless steel, Quality power metallurgy material
Birthplace: Zhejiang Province, China (mainland)

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Products Details

Tempering hardness:HB260-290

Nitridation hardness:HV800-1050

Nitration case depth:0.4-0.7mm

Nitridation brittleness ≤ grade 1

Surface roughness:Ra0.4

Screw straightness:0.015mm

Chromium coating hardness after nitridation:≥900HV

Chromium coating thickness:0.05-0.10mm

Dual alloy hardness:HRC56-65

Dual alloy hardness:0.8-2.0mm


Material and technology

Quality 38CrMoAIA

Quality duplex stainless steel

Quality power metallurgy material

Cold/hot spraying hard metal technology

Advanced nitriding technology

Corrosion resistance, wear-resisting dual alloy spraying technology


Taper twin-screw, diplopore barrel series

SJS 35, SJS 51, SJS 55, SJS 65, SJS 80, SJS 92, 

Screw diameter / screw amount

35/80-2, 51/105-2, 55/113-2, 65/132-2, 80/156-2, 92/188-2

Screw direction: anti-clockwiseoutward

Crew speed:


Screw effective length


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