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Halogen-Free Screw

Screw diameter:Negotiable Application:Extruder, Injection molding machine, Rubber machine Material: Birthplace: Zhejiang Province, China (mainland) ☎ We accept all kinds of custom services, welcome calls!
Products Details

Product Name: halogen-free screw

Model specifications: injection molding machine, extruder, rubber machine

Material Origin: Germany, Japan

Material: imported alloy steel

Treatment process: vacuum quenching, high temperature tempering

Processing range: Φ14-Φ150mm

Product hardness: HRC58 ° -62 °

Technical parameters: halogen-free screw material for Germany, Japan imported special powder alloy steel, the overall vacuum quenching by 1190 ℃, 570 ℃ high temperature tempering 3 times, each 4 hours, hardness 58-62HRC, high temperature toughness in general, high temperature Softening performance excellent, ultra-wear-resistant ultra-corrosion-resistant

Application: Suitable for adding 45-65% GF, it has excellent super wear resistance, super acid and corrosive, suitable for halogen-free engineering plastics such as: PPS halogen-free + 50% GF, PA9T, PA5T, PA66, PEEK, LCP, PPS, PAR, PES powder metal injection molding and so on

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