How many types of special screws are there? (1)


The special screw is a high-viscosity non-crystalline p […]

The special screw is a high-viscosity non-crystalline plastic with poor fluidity. It is easily degraded when heated for a long time. It has a large feeding torque, difficult to melt, and is easy to block. It requires high material temperature and high pressure injection. The material temperature adjustment range is narrow and the manufacturability is not as good as PMMA. . Adopt imported powder alloy full hardening (full alloy) or imported high alloy steel full hardening treatment, which can effectively withstand high temperature, high torque, high pressure impact, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth and non-porous to reduce surface adhesion and degradation, detailed structure Careful handling, effective prevention of hidden glue, low shear design, low heat generation.
The following are various special screws to choose from:
1. PC special screw: for PC and other high-viscosity plastics, it has low shearing heat generation, acid corrosion resistance, medium and small diameter, and has good effects in molding PC, PP-R, flame-retardant ABS, etc. General plastics and PMMA general products can also be formed. The color mixing effect is poor. If you add toner to the plastic, you need to customize the enhanced color mixing screw.
2. PA special screw: aiming at the characteristics of PA's low viscosity, difficult coloring, fast melting speed, good self-lubricity, etc., the screw has good color mixing effect, stable feed volume and good exhaust effect. The middle diameter. It has good effect on molding PA, PP, LCP and other crystalline low-viscosity bottom plastics. General plastics can also be molded. Not applicable to high viscosity and poor thermal stability plastics such as PC, PMMA, flame-retardant ABS (the middle section temperature is too high, decomposition)
3. PMMA special screw: for PMMA transparent products, it requires good plasticizing effect, low decomposition rate, good plasticization, low shearing heat, and good color mixing. The middle diameter molding of PMMA, PP-R, PC, ABS, etc. has a good effect when adding toner, such as plastic with flame retardant, and the screw needs to be chrome plated.