How to make the twin-screw granulator better?


1. When choosing a granulator, you cannot choose a sing […]

1. When choosing a granulator, you cannot choose a single large-output equipment. The best choice is a combination of multiple granulators or a compound granulator. This is because multiple granulators or a granulator with multiple turntables can ensure the quality and effect of spherical fertilizer granules.
2. The composition of raw materials and moisture are the key to determining the pelletizing rate of fertilizer particles in the granulator. It is necessary to ensure sufficient moisture with good uniformity and material composition that can roll into balls. The moisture required for ball formation must not be reduced due to the later drying.
3. Generally speaking, the tilt angle of the granulator turntable can be adjusted. The granulator has already adjusted a reasonable angle in the original manufacturer. You must not deliberately lower the tilt angle of the granulator to ensure production. The service life of the granulator.
4. The rotation speed of the granulator can be adjusted by the size of the motor or the power output wheel to change the rotation speed of the turntable for different materials, thereby indirectly guaranteeing the output per unit time and the pelletizing rate of the particles.
5. Timely and reasonable maintenance. Due to the inclined operation of the granulator, the torque carried by the main shaft is very large, so it must be checked and repaired in time, troubleshooting, and lubricating grease to ensure continuous operation and production.

How to extend the service life of twin-screw granulator?
1. Never use low-quality recycled materials with metal impurities or silt. Do not place metal objects that may fall near the feed inlet. Place them into the feed hopper to aggravate the wear of the screw and barrel or cause jamming. , Damage phenomenon.
2. Be sure to pay attention to fire safety. It is forbidden to smoke and carry lighters next to the machine.
3. Non-workers are not allowed to watch around, let alone operate.
4. Lubricating oil should be added to the parts of the machine frequently to increase fluency.