How to prevent the screw and barrel of the injection molding machine from slipping?


In the pre-plasticizing stage of the screw, the screw r […]

In the pre-plasticizing stage of the screw, the screw rotates in the barrel 100 to convey the material along the direction of the screw and back up to accumulate the material for the next injection, the screw will also slip. If the screw starts to slip during the pre-plasticizing stage, the axial movement of the screw will stop when the screw continues to rotate.
The cause of the screw slip of the injection molding machine: the feeding port has difficulty in pressing and the length of the barrel cannot form enough adhesion. Then the screw rod slips.
There are two solutions to the slip of the screw rod of the injection molding machine:
The first method: add a small amount of material to start cleaning the end of the barrel, and check the melting temperature at the same time. Short residence time will cause the melting temperature to be lower than the set value of the barrel temperature.
The second method, pay attention to observe the molded products, if the answer appears like black spots or light stripes, marble markings, it means that the material is not well mixed in the barrel.