What are the advantages of blown film extruder?


A Blown Film Extruder Machine is a highly effective pla […]

A Blown Film Extruder Machine is a highly effective plastics processing machine, which consists of a series of heated and extruded cylinders. The film formed by this machine is transparent, opaque or hazy depending on the desired properties. Blown film has the advantage of balancing the properties of the various constituent materials. Hence, it is highly suitable for applications requiring the application of different types of materials.

Blown film extrusion has a variety of advantages over other plastic extrusion processes. The process starts with loading the polymer resin in the hopper. This material is fed through a screw into a barrel that is gradually heated. The heated barrel slowly melts the polymer, but must be checked carefully because it could thermally degrade if overheated. After the polymer melts, the material is extruded through a die to produce a film. However, unlike other plastic extrusion processes, the blown film extruder process is a bit complicated.

The A-B-A type of Blown Film Extruder is ideal for production of three-layer films. This machine has two extruders and a special Co-Ex Die. This type allows production of three-layer films with the same polymer in the inner and outer layers and a different polymer in the middle layer. In addition, the A-B-A Type of Blown Film Extruder Machine is easy to use and provides a wide range of benefits.