What are the advantages of parallel and conical twin screw extruders?


Is a parallel twin screw extruder better or a conical t […]

Is a parallel twin screw extruder better or a conical twin screw extruder better? This is a question that users often ask when purchasing a twin-screw extruder.
Parallel twin screw extruder
Due to the small size of the center distance between the two screws, in the transmission gearbox, the space for the radial bearings and thrust bearings supporting the two output shafts and related transmission gears is very limited. Although the designer has tried his best, it cannot be solved. The bearing capacity of the bearing, the module of the gear, the small diameter, and the small diameter of the tails of the two screws result in poor torsion resistance. The small output torque and poor load resistance are the most significant defects of the parallel twin-screw extruder. However, the plasticity of the length-diameter ratio is the advantage of the parallel twin screw. It can increase and decrease the length-diameter ratio according to the difference of the molding conditions to meet the requirements of the plastic processing technology. It can expand the application range of the parallel twin screw, but this point is conical. Twin screw extruder is difficult to achieve.
Conical twin screw extruder
The two conical screws are arranged horizontally, and the two axes are installed into the barrel at an included angle. The center distance of the two axes gradually increases from the small end to the large end, so that the two output shafts of the transmission gear box have a larger center distance. The gears and gear shafts in the transmission system, as well as the radial bearings and thrust bearings supporting these gear shafts, leave a large installation space. It can be equipped with larger specifications of radial bearings and thrust bearings, and each transmission shaft has enough to transmit torsion. Because of the long shaft diameter, large working torque and large load-bearing capacity are a major feature of the conical twin-screw extruder. This parallel twin screw extruder is incomparable.