What are the characteristics of conical twin screw extruder?


Most polymers must be compounded, compounded and then p […]

Most polymers must be compounded, compounded and then pelletized into a marketable raw material before being made into the final product. There are many different pelletizer designs, but all pelletizers can be divided into two broad categories: cold-cutting systems and die-faced hot-cutting systems. The main difference between the two is the timing of the dicing process. Cold pelletizing systems are pelletized from the solidified polymer at the end of the process; while hot die-face pelletizing systems are pelletized as the molten polymer emerges from the die, the pellets are pelletized downstream. cool down.

Conical twin-screw extruder is a high-efficiency mixing and extruding conical twin-screw extruder. The machine has the characteristics of small shear rate, material not easy to decompose, uniform plasticizing and mixing, stable quality, high output, wide application range and long service life. With various specifications of molds and auxiliary machine production lines, PVC powder can be directly made into plastic products with different cross-sections such as pipes, plates, and profiles.

Main features of conical twin screw extruder
1. The soft plasticizing concept runs through the screw design, which provides a strong guarantee for the high-speed extrusion of UPVC pipes;

2. The reliable two-stage screw core external circulation temperature control system ensures that different formulas can produce high-quality UPVC pipes;

3. High-efficiency and low-noise air-cooling system, reliable and effective vacuum exhaust system, high precision, wide speed regulation, forced quantitative feeding system, high-performance deceleration torque distribution gearbox, perfect and accurate temperature automatic control system, accurate and stable speed regulation system.