What Are the Features of a Conical Twin Barrel?


The features of a Conical Twin Barrel include: Detachab […]

The features of a Conical Twin Barrel include: Detachable, Bimetallic, High temperature resistance, and Excellent plasticizing and mixing abilities. If you have been searching for a Conical Twin Barrel, here are some tips that will help you choose the best one for your needs. It is also important to check the clearance of the screw shaft from the distribution box. A reasonable clearance is 0.200 to 30mm.

The Detachable Conical Twin Barrell is a multi-purpose tool that features two co-rotating screws mounted on splined shafts and a closed barrel. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications and features simple construction and easy cleaning. This device increases production consistency and energy efficiency while also benefiting the environment. The twin barrel allows for advanced automation and faster start-up.

A detachable conical twin barrel is constructed by connecting two parallel axial bores. The first bore is drilled first, followed by a corresponding second bore hole. Once completed, the plug is removed to expose the first bore hole. In conventional manufacturing methods, the twin barrel segments cannot be longer than two times their diameter, owing to the difficulty in preventing the drill bit from wandering into the first bore hole.

Known as the double screw extruder, bimetallic conical twin barrel is made of two separate screw barrels. These screw barrels are made of two different metals - nickel and cobalt. Unlike conventional barrels, they are wear-resistant and have no corrosion. This type of barrel is also suitable for highly-filled plastics and corrosive materials.

Bimetallic screws and barrels are widely used in plastic machinery manufacturing companies. They are able to enhance the level of a plastic machine while offering great value to its clients. These barrels will soon become the first choice of the most famous plastic machinery manufacturing companies in both China and overseas.

High temperature resistance
The conical twin screw is a high-tech manufacturing. It is used to improve the performance of injection screw barrels. The screw operates under conditions of high temperature, strong wear, and large torque. It is therefore necessary to select a screw with high temperature resistance. This type of screw must also meet other requirements, including high torque, strong resistance, and cutting function.

The conical twin barrel screw has good mixing and plasticizing ability. It is particularly suitable for powder processing. The high temperature resistance of the screw is due to its conical shape. Its design makes it suitable for both hot and cold applications. Further, it has high load-bearing capacity. Thus, it is an excellent choice for a variety of applications, including food and beverage processing. There is a wide range of applications for conical twin barrel screws.

Excellent mixing and plasticizing ability
A Conical Twin Barrel extruder combines screw and barrel elements. These two extruder elements work together to achieve excellent mixing and plasticizing performance. These two extruders are widely used in the food and beverage industry. Both screw and barrel can be used individually or together, and each screw features high shear speed. This allows for the production of high-quality plastic products.

The Conical Twin Barrel Screw is widely used for processing a variety of materials. It has many advantages, but requires regular maintenance and inspection. Depending on the material and process conditions, the screw may deform the front end of the spherical R part. In addition, it may result in a melt escape groove or nozzle overflow. The threaded part of the Conical Twin Barrel Screw should be inspected regularly, as well as the sealing surface on the side of the barrel.