What should be paid attention to in the plasticizing of the barrel and screw?


The barrel and screw are widely used in: granulation, w […]

The barrel and screw are widely used in: granulation, wire drawing, film blowing, tube drawing, foaming, sheet extrusion, technical board, etc. The barrel and screw plasticizing treatment process: heat treatment, nitriding treatment, let's introduce the barrel screw Matters needing attention when plasticizing.

1. Clean the rubber head or replace the rubber head! Remove the head and burn it with fire to completely burn the remaining material on the plastic head

2. Check carefully, starting from the hopper, the inner spring nozzle.

3. Check whether toner is added to the raw material of the lower barrel and screw, whether the temperature is set properly, the barrel of the new machine may have oil, and so on.

4. Whether the pipeline for conveying raw materials is an anti-static hose or a stainless steel pipeline. When the raw materials are conveyed and rubbed with ordinary PVC hoses, static electricity will be generated, and static electricity will lead to the generation of black spots on the product.

5. Check the dehumidifying dryer of the raw materials. The regeneration temperature is very high. If the quality of the heating tube is not good, black flakes are likely to fall off the outer wall of the heating tube, and then fall into the molecular sieve, and then enter the whole system. In this way, you can make The product has black spots.

6. Use a special barrel screw, because the PC material is very corrosive, black material will come out once the screw is corrupted.