How should we choose parallel twin screws? (1)


Today, let’s talk about parallel twin screws and how to […]

Today, let’s talk about parallel twin screws and how to choose parallel twin screws. Next, let’s take a look down with the editor and let’s understand.
The spiral surface of the parallel twin screw is usually spray-welded with a unique formula of double alloy, which can effectively extend the service life of the screw. Parallel twin screws have large load-bearing torque and low energy consumption. They can effectively avoid black or yellow lines during the extrusion process of plates and sheets. Parallel twin screws have reasonable screw structure design and plasticizing effects. Good, high output, stable extrusion and other advantages. There are many domestic manufacturers of parallel twin-screws, and the product quality is also uneven. So how should we choose a good pair of parallel twin-screws correctly?
1. First look at the raw materials of the product. Only high-quality raw materials can produce high-quality screws, which can provide continuous, stable, high-yield, and strong anti-loss level.
2. Look at the surface treatment of the screw. Usually, the surface of high-quality screw will be spray-welded nickel-based alloy powder or tungsten carbide alloy powder, which can greatly improve the wear resistance and service life of the screw.