How should we choose parallel twin screws? (2)


1. Look at the production process.High-quality screws n […]

1. Look at the production process.High-quality screws need to go through multiple heat treatment processes, such as: quenching and tempering, tempering, qualitative, nitriding, etc., in order to meet the requirements of the screw.
2. Look at the R&D capabilities of the manufacturer. Companies with strong R&D capabilities can make corresponding improvements to the original design according to the specific requirements of customers to achieve low energy consumption, high quality and high output.
3. Look at the screw production technology of the manufacturer. Usually high-quality parallel twin screws are processed by high-precision special CNC screw milling machines, which can ensure the consistency of each similar extrusion equipment.
4. Look at the service of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the more well-known manufacturers are able to provide customers with thoughtful and meticulous service. Users can also request manufacturers to provide customized services according to their own needs. The products of well-known manufacturers can at least guarantee product quality problems. And the after-sales service is perfect.