How to choose the extruder barrel screw?


There are many factors that affect the choice of extrud […]

There are many factors that affect the choice of extruder barrel screw. If the extruder barrel screw is not selected properly, it will lead to insufficient work intensity and shorten its working life. Let's analyze how to choose the extruder barrel and screw based on 4 factors.

1. Adaptability, the so-called adaptability of the screw refers to the adaptability of the screw to process different plastics, match different heads and different products. Generally speaking, the stronger the adaptability, the lower the plasticizing efficiency.
2. It is difficult and easy to manufacture, a good screw must be easy to manufacture and low cost.

3. The so-called output refers to the output or extrusion volume through a given head under the premise of ensuring the quality of plasticization. As mentioned earlier, the output is generally expressed in kilograms/hour or kilograms/revolution. A good screw should have a high plasticizing ability.

4. Unit consumption refers to the energy consumed per kilogram of plastic (rubber) extruded, generally expressed by N. Where N is power (kw) and Q is output (kg/h).
The larger the value is, the more energy is needed to plasticize the same weight of plastic (rubber), which means the more heating power is consumed, and the more mechanical work done by the motor enters the material through shear and frictional heat. many.