How to save energy from a rotary screw air compressor


In the United States, the annual energy cost of compres […]

In the United States, the annual energy cost of compressed air systems is $ 1.5 billion. So many compressors are purchased every day, but you need to know a lot before you share your hard-earned cash into one.
However, there are three types of air compressors
 Reciprocating air compressor
 Screw air compressor
 Rotary Centrifugal Air Compressor
We will discuss rotary screw air compressors in the following.
Where is the rotary screw air compressor used?
By definition, rotary screw air compressors save energy. They are designed to work efficiently while they last longer and give you energy. However, you can even improve these features that come with rotary screw air compressors and save even more energy. In the long run, there are some techniques that can definitely help you.
First, set the compressor to the minimum pressure requirements. It may take more time to complete the job, but then you won't 'force' it. To help you understand this, imagine yourself running. The faster you run, the faster you reach your destination, and the more energy you consume. Also, do not use screw air compressors for cleaning purposes. This may be tempting and may seem easy, but it is strongly discouraged.
Installing a variable frequency drive will also help you a lot. Although this is a big investment, your compressor will work better in the long run. If you haven't bought an air compressor yet, you have another advantage. Get a motor with a motor stop function. If unloaded for a long time, these compressor types will shut down their motors. Of course, continuous stopping and restarting will waste energy, but in order to avoid long-term energy loss, a good compressor should 'find out' when stopping, which is based on previous judgment. cycle.
In addition, if you need large equipment, don't think about it. It is best to have multiple small rotary screw air compressors rather than one large piece of equipment. In this way, you can relax more compressors, and large compressors tend to become overloaded, which will not help you save energy at all.
Now, all these aspects depend on the function of the rotary screw air compressor you need. Sometimes you can apply all of these tips, while others are banned. However, such a compressor can save energy through its construction anyway, and if you choose this solution, you should know that you have made an informed decision.

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