Introduction of screw barrel and plasticizing related parts


1. Shunt shuttle (rubber head) The shunt shuttle is a p […]

1. Shunt shuttle (rubber head) The shunt shuttle is a part mounted on the front end of the screw shaped like a torpedo body. The role of the shunt shuttle in plasticizing is to divert and mix the plastic melt, so that the melt is further uniformly kneaded. At the same time, the shunt shuttle also has the function of limiting the position of the check ring during plasticization. In order to further strengthen the mixing effect, it is recommended to use a barrier-type mixing structure on an injection molding machine with a clamping force of 250 tons or more. Shunt shuttle. Not only can improve the color uniformity of the product, but also make the mechanical strength of the product higher.

2. Non-return ring (over rubber ring) As the name suggests, the role of the non-return ring is to stop the reverse. It is a part that prevents the plastic melt from leaking back during injection. During operation, the non-return ring non-return washer (rubber gasket) contacts to form a closed structure to prevent plastic melt from leaking. The precision of the weight of an injection molded product of an injection molding machine has a lot to do with the speed of the check ring. The speed of a non-return loop action is determined by its non-return action stroke, seal pressing time, and time to leave the shunt shuttle. We have tried a variety of check ring structure and part parameters, and finally determined the optimal check surface parameters, check ring and shunt shuttle fitting parameters, check ring and barrel clearance parameters through experiments. Can achieve high precision injection volume control.


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