Masterbatch for a twin screw extruder claim


Double screws on the inner rod small space to mix with […]

Double screws on the inner rod small space to mix with the material of the nip section plasticizing practicing better wear, temperature is too low, the resin comprising a refractory first step is the preparation of crystalline pigment pre-dispersion, i.e., dispersant or other aids for pigment surface treatment; after the second step is to prepare the pigment masterbatch pre-mix dispersion with a carrier resin melt granulation. Masterbatch is composed of a pigment, a dispersant, and the amount of carrier resin additives.

The main role of the pigment dispersant is fully dispersed, uniformly dispersed in a carrier resin and the matrix resin, the final plastic article to obtain a uniform color. A first masterbatch carrier resin should be colored resin having a good compatibility, followed by flow carrier resin should be greater than the colored resin, in order to better dispersion of the pigment. Masterbatch compositions, the pigment selection and amount depend on the nature of the colored plastic, commonly used in the content of the pigment in the polyolefin masterbatch for coloring plastics is 20% to 40% (mass fraction). Masterbatch before molding, plastic need to be plenty of boring. Data-rich water into the mold cavity, would render the appearance of parts of silver sash-like flaw spots, even at high temperatures will increase the onset of the appearance of water, resulting in deterioration of raw materials. So be sure to pre-processing of data before forming, so that data can adhere to for water. A set mold temperature of

  • (A) mold temperature and the molding cycle Effects forming quality set by using the appropriate starting materials the minimum start mold temperature sideways in practical operation, and according to the appropriate conditions to increase the quality.
  • (B) the right argument, mold temperature refers to the temperature of the outer cavity when the molding is carried out, the mold design and molding conditions are set on the project, it is important not only adhere to the correct temperature, but also to make it uniform spread.
  • (C) non-uniform mold temperature distribution, and it would lead to uneven internal stresses shortened, thereby making molding easy to attack port distortion and warpage.
  • (D) realizes the following advances in die temperature; 1. Add molded article of crystallinity and more uniform distribution. 2. shorten the molding more abundant after shortening reduced. 3.advanced strength and heat resistance of the molded article. 4. reduce the residual internal stress, molecular orientation and deformation. 5. Anti-negative activity when filling cuts, reduce the pressure loss. 6. The molded article so that the more the appearance and outstanding gloss. 7. Add the timing of the onset of moldings burr. 8. Add the site near the gate and the gate to cut away parts of the sag time. 9. The reduction degree of the contact line 10. The add significant cooling time.