Screw extruder maintenance process is generally divided into daily and periodic maintenance


    Routine maintenance: regular routine work, not the […]

    Routine maintenance: regular routine work, not the work equipment operation, normally carried out during driving. Focus on cleaning machine, lubricate moving parts, loosening of the fastening screw, timely inspection, adjustment motor, control instruments, the working parts and lines.
    Regular maintenance: Usually after continuous operation of the extruder machine downtime for 2500-5000h, disintegration machine needs inspection, measurement, identification of the wear of the main components, has reached a predetermined wear limit replacement parts, repair of damaged parts.
    Two kinds of maintenance process sine qua non. The following small series to introduce out routine maintenance details that need attention:
    Routine maintenance
    As the electrical control system for temperature and dust very high demand, and the electrical system should be isolated from the production site, and install ventilation or ventilation fans, recommended that the cabinet in a simple room, keep the room clean, airy, the indoor temperature is not higher than 40 ℃.
    Extruder does not allow empty running, so as not to screw and Jane rolled hair. Host not exceed the idling start 100r / min; first low speed start the host, the host checks whether the abnormal after startup and then gradually increase the revolution speed of the ring to the process within the allowable range (can be adjusted to the optimum state as well). When the new machine running, in the current load should be 60-70%, preferably normal use when the current does not exceed 90%. Note: If abnormal noise occurs when the extruder operation, should be immediately stopped, inspection or repair.