Single screw extruder Principle and Application


Single-screw extruder as a common extruder device for p […]

Single-screw extruder as a common extruder device for plastics processing industry, what is the principle and construction is it? Below the conveying section of the extruder, compression section, metering section of the extruder to make an analysis on the principle of a single screw. Single-screw extruder is generally divided into three sections in the effective length, according to the screw diameter size, pitch, depth of screw effective length determined three sections, each one-third divided by ships. Efficient single screw extruder with double cascade overall design, reinforcing plasticization ensure stable high-speed high-performance extruder, kneading the specialized barrier integrated design to ensure mixing effect materials, high shear low melting temperature plastics temperature low-pressure metered to achieve high performance materials extruded.

Design and characteristics: high straight on the basis of high-speed, high-yield extrusion. The principle of a single screw extruder feed port last thread started calling conveyor section plasticized material requirements can not be here, but warm, real squeeze pressure, out past the old theory that the material here is a loose body, and later by proving the actual material here is solid plug, that is where the material is squeezed like a solid plug, like, so long as the task is to complete the delivery of its function.

Single-screw extruder principle: the second section is called a large volume of the compression screw groove becomes gradually smaller, and the temperature of the material to achieve the degree of plasticization, compressed segment generated here by the transport section three, to a compressed here, called screw the compression ratio --3: 1, some machines could change, complete the plastics material into the third paragraph. Single-screw extruder principle: the third paragraph is the metering section where the material holding plasticizing temperature, just as accurate as a metering pump, metering the melt material, is supplied to the head, this time temperature not lower than the plasticizing temperature, generally slightly higher point. Single screw extruder for extruding thermoplastics mainly soft and hard PVC, polyethylene or the like used, which cooperate with respective auxiliary machine (including building core), several kinds of plastic products, such as films, tubes, plates, ribbons, etc., can be used for granulation.