The difference between PVC pipe and stainless steel pipe


Stainless steel pipes have a longer service life. Altho […]

Stainless steel pipes have a longer service life. Although today’s PVC pipe production lines have advanced technology, their performance still cannot surpass stainless steel pipes. It should be known that the tensile strength of stainless steel is twice that of steel pipes and 3-4 times that of copper pipes. Stainless steel water pipes are stronger and more resistant to impact than PVC water pipes, and are not easily damaged during construction or secondary decoration. In addition, stainless steel water pipes have strong corrosion resistance and basically will not crack. If stainless steel water pipes are installed during renovation, you will not have to worry about replacing water pipes in the next few decades.

Installing water pipes during decoration and choosing stainless steel pipes will not only prevent water leakage in the later stage, but it is also more beneficial to the health of water use. Compared with PVC material, stainless steel material is less easy to hold dirt and will not be corroded or rusted.

In addition, although PVC water pipes are resistant to high temperatures, the high temperature of the water flowing through will cause harmful substances to leak out, while stainless steel is different, and will not release harmful substances under the influence of low temperature or high temperature. Therefore, when the new house is being renovated, the installation of stainless steel water pipes can better ensure the sanitation of the family's drinking water.