What applications are the conical twin-screw barrels suitable for?


Conical Twin Screw Barrels, sometimes also referred to […]

Conical Twin Screw Barrels, sometimes also referred to as gun barrels, is a common component of many types of ammunition. The term "conical" is derived from the fact that the inner surface, or conical area, of a barrel is cylindrical in cross section. It is found that the greater the internal diameter of a conical barrel, the longer it will last. In most cases, conical barrels can be found in both antique and modern firearms.

Although most service life of a conical-twin screw barrel is not easily determined, it is safe to assume that the shorter its service life, the better the round the gun will be. This is because shorter barrels have less tendency to jam. This does not mean that conical-twin screw barrels have no useful purpose, just that they have less potential for wear and tear.

The actual length of a conical twin screw barrel's service life is determined by several factors. Among these factors are the size of the bullet or shot, the manufacturing process used, and the type of feed mechanism employed. If the bullet or shot is smaller than the barrel's diameter, the service life will be shortened. Likewise, if the feed mechanism employed is designed to allow the bullet to enter the barrel at an angle, then the resulting velocity of the BB will cause the barrel to twist while feeding the ammo will also cause the barrel to twist. The longer the barrel, or conical-twin screw barrels, of a given caliber, the greater the degree of accuracy achieved.

Feeding mechanisms may differ slightly between different manufacturers. As a result, it is best to discuss feeding mechanism options with a customer representative from each company prior to making a final decision. Another important factor to consider is that although most conical-twin screw barrels are compatible with different sizes of ammunition (the conical being the same regardless of the size of the cartridge), some manufacturers require that customers use specific ammunition in order to obtain the appropriate conical-twin barrels. Regardless, of what the exact specifications, most manufacturers have conical barrels available in different sizes, which can be selected based on a customer's particular requirements.

Manufacturers commonly place different sizes of BB's in different barrels in order to achieve the best accuracy possible. In addition to the required materials and process, manufacturers also incorporate a receiver set of screws to attach each barrel to the rest. Although these receiver sets are not necessary to attach each barrel to the rest, they are an important component to the completed item code and should be considered in determining which barrels are most appropriate for a given project.

In summary, a Conical Twin Screw Barrel may be a suitable choice for many projects if the correct sized and designed barrels are available from a reliable supplier. It is advisable to determine a supplier offering these barrels with the best possible product code so that as many customers as possible are able to benefit from this excellent product. Once a suitable item code is established, the project team can then focus its attention on the most suitable project and supplier.