What are the characteristics of twin screw extruders?


In the application field of extruder, twin-screw extrud […]

In the application field of extruder, twin-screw extruder is definitely a topic that cannot be avoided, because the application of this kind of machine has been very extensive, basically as long as it involves workshops and companies in the extrusion and pelletizing business This kind of machine will be used. What are the characteristics of this machine?

Features of twin screw extruder
1. The twin-screw extruder optimizes the screw structure according to the characteristics of the raw materials, with stronger plasticizing capacity and more stable extrusion.
2. It is driven by a domestic motor and equipped with a reducer to make the twin-screw extruder output stronger power.
3. The twin-screw extruder adopts high-performance Taiwan Delta frequency conversion speed regulation, which makes the performance of the twin-screw extruder more stable and environmentally friendly with higher precision.
4. The twin-screw extruder can be equipped with a dedicated computer for the machine according to the needs of different industries, and a large-screen touch screen man-machine operation interface.

Reasons for the popularity of twin screw extruders:
1. Reduce production costs
The open processing area gives the twin-screw extruder great advantages in terms of product color changes and material changes. By observing the melt profile of the screw as a whole, the mixing process can be analyzed. The color change of ordinary twin-screw extruders requires a lot of cleaning materials for cleaning, but in some profile twin-screw extruders, the barrel can be quickly opened for manual cleaning, reducing the use of cleaning materials.
2. High torque and high speed
By observing the development trend of twin-screw extruders, it can be seen that the field is developing in the direction of high torque and low energy consumption. For example, the increase in productivity brought about by high speed, especially the split twin-screw extruder, is more suitable for the production and processing of high-viscosity, heat-sensitive materials.
3. Improve labor efficiency
When performing mechanical maintenance, the heating and cooling system of the ordinary twin-screw extruder usually needs to be removed first. In the twitch screw and split twin-screw extruder, only the necessary bolts are removed for repair. It not only saves time and reduces the labor intensity of maintenance workers, but also reduces production interruptions caused by equipment wear.