What are the functions of the filling modified granulator?


The filling modified granulator adopts new technology a […]

The filling modified granulator adopts new technology and has many advantages compared with the traditional granulator. It has high carrying capacity, can realize the functions of self-cleaning, interchangeability and energy saving, and has been widely used. It is necessary to select the appropriate equipment when using it, so as to ensure the operating efficiency of the equipment. So what are the functions of the filling modified granulator and how to choose it?

What are the functions of the filling modified granulator?
The filling modified granulator has many functions, has a high load-bearing capacity, and has a good embodiment in terms of self-cleaning, interchangeability, and energy saving. The following is its function introduction:
1. High load-carrying capacity: The filled modified granulator has single/twin screw extruder barrels, and the granulator screw is designed and manufactured using the building block principle. It is a special mirror material for domestic plastic machines (the overall material is not chrome-plated). The mandrel adopts gear bite spline to ensure its load-bearing capacity and realize high torque transmission.
2. Self-cleaning function: the cylinder body also selects special mirror material for the plastic machine, and the internal flow channel is integral, which completely solves the problem of particle black spots, particle flow marks and particle defects caused by the gaps in the cylinder body. The extrusion system of the US arc plastic machine has excellent self-cleaning function, reasonable design and precise assembly.
3. Interchangeability function: The entire extrusion system can complete the good interchangeability of plasticization, shearing, dispersion, homogenization, exhaust, pressure building and other material reaction processes, and realize the process of polymer materials. The polymer grafting reaction is completed by force, instead of just increasing the shear opening and external heating to complete the polymer reaction.
4. Energy saving: The equipment designs a new modified pelletizer with a new extrusion concept, breaking the traditional pelletizer design, and achieves high output with perfect extrusion cavity pressure. It does not need to be equipped with high-power motors, which saves electricity and eliminates traditions. Extruder production defects, escort customers to improve quality and enter the high-end market.

How to choose a suitable filling modified granulator?
When choosing a filling modified granulator, we must consider many aspects, and then make a selection after comprehensive comparison. The following describes its selection method:
1. The actual situation: choose reasonable plastic granulation equipment according to your own actual situation, such as the supply of raw materials, investment budget, and the power supply and water supply of the plant.
2. Equipment technical parameters: The plastic granulator with advanced technical parameters and reasonable price can be selected through vertical or horizontal comparison. "Longitudinal" means that the main technical parameters of the plastic granulator should meet industry standards and be reviewed according to industry standards. "Horizontal" is a comparison based on the technical parameters of similar plastic granulators at home and abroad.
3. Equipment stability: the stability, reliability, safety and service life of the machine is an important index for choosing a plastic granulator. The stability of the machine is mostly manifested in whether the equipment structure and auxiliary system are running smoothly in each cycle, and the noise should not exceed the industry standard when working under silent and non-impact.
4. In terms of granulation technology: equipment production efficiency must be high, functional facilities must be complete, and automation must be high, and manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operation can be realized. The high production efficiency is mainly manifested in the short granulation period of the plastic under normal granulation process conditions.
5. In terms of function: energy saving and environmental protection of granulation equipment are indicators that cannot be ignored. Energy saving mainly reflects the water-saving and power-saving capabilities of the plastic granulator when the power drive system, cleaning system, heating system, and cooling system meet the normal process conditions compared with similar machines.