What are the granulation skills of using twin screw granulator?


When using a twin-screw granulator, if you want the ent […]

When using a twin-screw granulator, if you want the entire finished product to show a very good state, you need to learn to use some granulation skills. These skills are learning to listen to the sound, learn to look at the material, and look at the gloss of the particles. And compactness, according to these techniques, it is possible to guarantee the complete result of the whole granulation process.

Skills when using twin-screw granulator to granulate:
1. Learn to listen to sounds
The sound produced by the twin-screw granulator is very different. This requires constant exploration in practice. The speed of the feed rate and the change of the temperature will affect its granulation state. Try to keep the machine running well. The sound state at the time.
2. Learn to look at the material
If the operation of the twin-screw granulator fails, we must learn to look at the materials it produces. It is very important to look at the material coming out of the machine head. If the temperature of the material is too low, it needs to be heated; if there is char material, the temperature is too high and it needs to be cooled, etc.
3. Look at the surface gloss and compactness of the particles
If the particles are loose and have a dull appearance, it is mainly due to improper control of the granulation temperature and cooling water temperature of the twin-screw granulator, resulting in poor plasticization.

Precautions when using twin-screw granulator:
1. Pay attention to fire safety. The fire extinguisher must be placed near the equipment using heat transfer oil. The machine must be operated by an operator who is trained and familiar with the structure, performance and operating procedures of the twin-screw granulator.
2. If the twin-screw granulator fails or is abnormal, it must be reported to the relevant personnel and handled by professional maintenance personnel. If an abnormal phenomenon that affects safety is found, press the emergency stop switch immediately.
3. Do not use low-quality recycled materials with metal impurities or sand. Do not place any metal objects that may fall near the feed inlet to prevent aggravation of the screw and barrel, or jamming or damage.
4. The operation of the twin-screw granulator should use hydraulic oil with cleanliness, viscosity and other indicators that meet the requirements, and provide sufficient flow of cooling water for the oil cooler as required to prevent hydraulic components and pipelines from being polluted by oil or high temperature. Damage phenomena such as blockage and oil leakage.
5. The twin-screw granulator must be operated strictly in accordance with the requirements of the operating regulations, and illegal operations must not be carried out in non-operating stations. To ensure the reliability of the safety device, the safety protection measures of the machine must not be destroyed in pursuit of efficiency.
6. When the twin-screw granulator is operating, if the material temperature does not reach the set temperature, or the holding time is not enough, the screw is not allowed to start up.