What is the reason for the long service life of PE pipes?


My country's plastic pipes are developing rapidly and t […]

My country's plastic pipes are developing rapidly and their quality is getting better and better. The current plastic pipes are mainly PVC-U pipes, PE pipes, and PP-R pipes. Because of its excellent performance, PE pipes can be used for urban water supply, drainage, heating, gas transmission, industrial pipes, agricultural pipes, and so on. The connection of PE pipes is very reliable, and the pipes are connected by electric heating, so that the joints are very stable. PE pipe can be used normally in low temperature environment without embrittlement, and can be used normally at -60-60℃. It can also be constructed normally in winter, and the pipe has strong impact resistance and will not be brittle. -60-60℃ can resist the corrosion of a variety of chemicals, and the chemicals in the soil will not degrade the pipe. Polyethylene is an insulator, so there will be no corrosion, rust, etc., and no bacteria or algae will grow on the pipe. The service life of PE pipes is also very long. It can be used for 50 years in an outdoor environment without being affected by ultraviolet rays. PE pipes are produced using polyethylene as the main material, while adding antioxidants and absorbing ultraviolet light components, and forming them through extrusion processing. The pipes produced by this process reflect the characteristics of good compression resistance, a wide range of operating temperatures, and resistance to low temperatures of minus 20 degrees and high temperatures of minus 40 degrees. At the same time, the pipe embodies a long application life and has performance. Under normal circumstances, its service life is as long as fifty years. Heavy metal components are not added to the pipes, so it has low toxicity and is not easy to scale or breed bacteria in a long-term humid environment. Therefore, it can be widely used in water supply pipeline construction and laying, and it is suitable for buried construction.

At the same time, the nature of the pipe determines its low weight, good corrosion resistance, low specific gravity and good strength. When the internal pressure of the pipeline is consistent with its pipe diameter standard, the weight per unit length of the pipe is only 1/5 of the carbon steel pipe, which can provide convenience for long-distance transportation and construction transportation, and the investment cost is relatively high. less. PE pipes also show the characteristics of chemical stability to water quality and general acid-base salts. In particular, the water quality has a low corrosion impact on PE pipes, so the construction of water supply pipes is particularly convenient. There is no need to use metal pipe construction, pe pipe production line manufacturers must also carry out strict cathodic protection, and do a good job of internal and external soil layer treatment. PE pipes basically do not need to be protected and repaired during the application period. The installation and construction showed the characteristics of rich and diverse means. Flanges can be used for connection, or for socketing and bonding. At the same time, it can also conveniently complete the effective connection of the PE pipe itself and with valves, other accessories or pipes. Due to the small weight, there is no need to use large hoisting facilities in the construction and installation stage, and manual operation or light hoisting facilities can be used. Because PE pipes are generally long in length, they can effectively reduce the number of joints, improve the convenience of installation and construction, optimize work efficiency, and achieve good savings in investment.

The inner and outer surfaces of the PE pipe exhibit good smoothness, and the non-adhesive properties ensure that it embodies better conveying performance. If the flow rate and the applied water conservancy conditions are the same, the pipe diameter can be effectively reduced, thereby increasing the investment efficiency. In addition, when the flow rate and pipe diameter are the same as the standard conditions, the head can be reduced and operating energy consumption can be saved.