What is the difference in the nature of the pipe production line?


There are many plastic pipe equipment, including pipe p […]

There are many plastic pipe equipment, including pipe production line, its composition: plastic pipe equipment is composed of control system, extruder, die, shaping cooling system, tractor, planetary cutting equipment and turning frame. Each pipe production line has two extruders.

The first extruder uses powerful conveying bushings and high-efficiency screws, and the other smaller extruder is used to extrude the marking line. The grating board production line is a special equipment for directly extruding and forming hollow grid boards. Its product surface is smooth, beautiful and compressive. It is widely used in many fields in the building industry, packaging industry and decoration industry. After replacing the shaping equipment, LDPE hollow grid panels can be produced, as well as PP and PC hollow grid panels for light-transmitting and thermal insulation for agriculture and construction. The whole plastic profile production line equipment has the characteristics of high output value, small product size error, convenient operation and high degree of automation. Like PET film recycling and granulation production equipment, the whole set of units absorbs foreign advanced production technology, and is uniquely planned and can be continuously recycled. The system is pre-agglomerated through the debris bin to improve the bulk density of the material and discharge water under good temperature control. So as to improve the output value and quality of pelletizing.

The main machine adopts a high-torque rotating box, an effective screw combination, and an excellent devolatilization system, which can control the intrinsic viscosity of the material. This set of unit can recover the film between 3µ and 12µ, and the output value is 100-600kg/h. Together, it can plan and manufacture various recycling and pelletizing production lines for users according to the requirements of different PET materials.

The chip-free cutting of pipes is mainly used for fixed-length cutting of HDPE, PP, PPR and other plastic pipes. Chipless cutting can keep the production environment clean and noise-free. The cut-off and lubrication are neat, and the appearance quality of the pipe is improved. Quick switching is suitable for different pipes and different materials. Imported PLC control, chip-free circular cutting of the blades, and special carbide blades are used, which are suitable for cutting small and medium-sized plastic pipes. The cutting section is flat and lubricated, which can meet the requirements of high-speed cutting. It has the characteristics of long cutting life, low cutting noise and beautiful appearance.

The high-speed PE-RT floor heating pipe production line is equipped with a special single-screw extruder for polyene diameter, which has the characteristics of high-speed extrusion and high-efficiency plasticization. Specialized separate mixing screw for polyene diameter; three specially planned co-extrusion die heads, reasonable flow channels, lubrication of the inner and outer walls of the pipe, and a production speed of up to 20 m/min. Use high-efficiency extruder specially designed and manufactured for PERT pipe, unique processing performance planning; production line is equipped with automatic vacuum feeder, automatic constant temperature dryer; head die: spiral split head, can be equipped with static mixing system , The material layers are superimposed on each other abundantly. Compared with the traditional bracket type die, the internal pressure is more uniform. Able to produce two PERT or PEX tubes together using a double die. The water tank is made of stainless steel plate, and multi-stage water cooling is selected to ensure the high-speed production of thick-walled pipes and large-diameter pipes. It can use double-tube vacuum sizing water tank to produce two PERT or PEX tubes together.