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nickel plated screw

nickel plated screw

Zhoushan Changjia Plastic machinery Co.,Ltd.

Screw diameter:φ20-φ220
Clamping force:250T-3200T
Injection volume:30g-30000g


nickel plated screw Details

Modification hardness: HB280-320
Nitriding hardness: 950-1100HV
Nitriding depth: 0.50-0.80mm
Nitriding brittleness: ≤ 2
Surface roughness: Ra 0.4 μm
Screw Straightness: 0.015mm / m
Alloy layer hardness: HRC60-72
Alloy layer depth: ≥ 3mm
After the nitriding surface hardness: ≥ 950HV
Chromium layer thickness: 0.025 ~ 0.10mm
Screw type:
For different formulations and products, screw can be used: ordinary type, pin type, barrier type, separation type, exhaust type and so on.
Injection molding machine small pieces
1, Material: 38CrMoAl A nitriding, surface hardness: HV ≥ 900 Nitriding depth: 0.5-0.8mm
2, material: special alloy steel, after vacuum quenching and other heat treatment process, can greatly improve the service life of three small pieces


Theoretical focus (g) Screw diameter X length (mm)  Barrel diameter X length (mm)  Theoretical focus (g) Screw diameter X length (mm) Barrel diameter X length (mm)
 30-90 Φ30x90 Φ85x860 800-1250 Φ75x1825 Φ170x1725
60-125 Φ35x910 Φ85x860 1000-1500 Φ80x2000 Φ180x1805
100-150 Φ38x935 Φ95x900 1250-2000 Φ85x2300 Φ190x1900
125-160  Φ40x980 Φ95x910 2000-3000 Φ90x2700 Φ210x2000
125-300  Φ42x1030 Φ105x8880 2500-5000 Φ100x2600 Φ230x2405
250-400 Φ45x1210 Φ115x1165 3000-6000 Φ110x2600 Φ256x2590
300-500 Φ50x1300 Φ125x1260 4000-10000 Φ120x2800 Φ256x2800
450-600 Φ55x1335 Φ130x1320 6000-8000  Φ130x3010 Φ256x2970
500-700 Φ56x1350 Φ130x1350 8000-10000 Φ145x3010 Φ256x3200
500-700 Φ60x1380 Φ140x1350 10000-15000 Φ160x3500 Φ270x3200
650-800 Φ65x1415 Φ150x1420 13000-25000 Φ170x3415 Φ317x3380
700-1000 Φ70x1790 Φ160x1685      
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