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Focus on the production of high-performance barrelscrew

famous brand in the screw hometown of China

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    high precision

    With extremely high precision

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    high stability

    Adopts 38CrMoALA alloy steel, preciously manufactured with hardening and tempering, nitrogen, and polishing treatment

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    High durability, long service life

Zhoushan Changjia Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd

Our company is a professional

Extruders Manufacturers,Injection Molding Machines Suppliers

. We have professional technicians in manufacturing screws for XPS extrusion molding insulation boards, fiber screws, flat twin-screws, and rubber screws, which have been sold across the country.

We use 38CrMOALA as row materials, and the tempering hardness of our products will reach HB290 after hardening and tempering treatment. Then, after a series of fine machining, the products will be nitridation treated. And the nitridation depth reaches national standards....

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