All you want to know rotary screw compressors


In rotary screw compressors two screws are used for the […]

In rotary screw compressors two screws are used for the compressed gas. This is synchronized by a gear driven by a set screw. Basically, it works by a compressed gas by decreasing the gap between the thread means. Then the end of the gas exit through the screw.

The mechanism is only as a rotor, referred helicals, sealing the chamber opening, or gap between the compression chamber as effective.
Spring suspension does not require screw compressors, because of their compact and smooth operation, any vibrations not associated therewith. In short, this reduces maintenance and noise. Many models actually have an elastic vibration damping means to absorb vibrations, especially those in high-speed mode of operation.
Although you can find consumer-level models, usually applied in a commercial environment, general industrial applications based on use. They are often used to power heavy construction machinery.

Many people do not know what is the difference between oil and non-oil-filled compressor. Oil-free compressed model simply from the action of the screw, no oil seal by pressurized air assistance. These units generally have a lower PSI secretions and more suitable for low-end jobs or consumer-level models. There are indications that a large the PSI, with the other oil-free over 2000 cubic feet per minute cell output. These cells have such a multi-stage set of screws. Although they are oil-free, they are not polluting machines still need to be filtered, hydrocarbons and other pollutants find their way to the outdoor air.

Oil-filled rotary screw compressor may have a higher level of compressed air psi. Charge for sealing, and provides cooling gas, having a fuel injection unit injecting oil into the cavity, although it is separated from the cooled discharge stream time. It is then filtered and recycled back to the cell. To combat the effect of the pressure of the oil carried by the air, there are two solutions ...... filter is a coalescing or vessel. Another way to capture the leaked oil is to allow oil to condense and flow out via the air displacing condensate management device. A basic fuel injection pressure of the compressor can achieve 1500 cubic feet per minute.

In most models, you can find a variable speed drive, which allows a wind control.
Another such rotary unit is called a supercharger. The advantage of this model is that a low level of leakage and low parasitic losses, with typical Roots-type unit.

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