The screw compressor - Types and Applications


The following are five different types of rotary screw […]

The following are five different types of rotary screw compressors Werther International provided for you to understand and use:
1. Silver sealed rotary compressor
Silver compressor to meet new and low noise requirements of 5.5 to 15 HP rotary screw compressors. Silver rotary screw compressor is simple, economical, advanced technology, compact and easy to transport or installation.
The series of modular design, from 5.5 HP to 40 HP provide up to 77 kinds of different combinations, different versions, such as a compressor + tank, air dryer and the compressor compressor + + + air tank. Dryer. CRS is compact, reliable, and easy to transport or installation.
3. AIRBLOK compressor
New AIRBLOK compressor air compressor represents a response to the demanding user. This range offers 10 to 60 HP screw compressor with a rotary drive, which is the result of the modern industrial demand for detailed analysis, resulting in a powerful, reliable and easy to use system.
4. The variable speed compressor from 10 to 270 HP
The variable speed compressor may generate a new series of precisely the required amount of air production cycles, and avoids the waste of energy, which is different from other products.
AIRBLOK DR range, from 75 to 270 HP, today's solutions to meet the demanding needs of the user. AIRBLOK FIAC is a profitable investment, it has the added advantage of a compact and modern design.
Werther International Inc. offers innovative rotary screw, ranging from small number of HP to 100HP to North America's leading distributors. With 25 years of engineering experience and excellent manufacturing experience, Werther produced the most reliable, energy-saving and noise-free compressor.
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