How rotary screw air compressors run?


The most commonly used industrial environment is a rota […]

The most commonly used industrial environment is a rotary type compressor screw air compressors. Rotary screw compressors are many around these strange ideas. Most of these ideas related to the cold weather and winter of. Simple maintenance can solve many problems and failures caused by winter weather.
Many people believe that, due to the compressor within the heating their buildings, it will not be affected by outside air temperature. This is not true, because the external oil cooler usually leads to the building. Stranded in exposure to cold air cooler oil will thicken and will not cycle. Some rotary screw air compressor having a thermal valve or a bypass valve in the oil cooling system. This helps to protect the compressor during start-up parts in cold weather.
The valve must be checked regularly to ensure proper operation. Synthetic oils can provide great help, because it is easier circulation at low temperatures. But the real question is will the oil sump water, because when the compressor operates at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the water does not boil and evaporate. Occasionally emptying small amount of oil during operation to avoid stagnant water causing problems. Cold weather, and then start the compressor.
Cold weather may cause condensate accumulation in the air line, rotary screw air compressor. This may cause the sensor to send an error signal to the computer control system the screw compressor. This will allow the compressor to run at full capacity until someone noticed relief valve constantly brought up. Condensate is removed by strategically placed air system drain.
These emission lines are often taken outside the building drain point. In cold weather, these lines may be blocked with ice, forcing the condensate re-enters the air system. If not properly evacuated before turning off the compressor, certain parts will be expensive components and damage to the compressor.
In the winter, the company will usually stop using the rotary screw air compressors. Only when the appropriate steps taken to freeze the screw compressor, this is good. This includes the replacement of oil and filter.
Acid oil might damage the motor and compressor parts of the bearing. Manually rotate the motor rotor and keep the oil is also important to avoid stuck at startup. Proper maintenance of screw compressor to avoid costly service calls and downtime is essential to maximize the reduction.

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