What are the maintenance methods for the screw barrel of the injection molding machine?


1) Avoid screw idling and slipping; 2) Avoid mixing POM […]

1) Avoid screw idling and slipping;
2) Avoid mixing POM and PVC into the barrel at the same time, a reaction will occur at the melting temperature and cause serious industrial accidents;
3) Avoid foreign objects falling into the material barrel and damaging the screw and barrel. Prevent metal fragments and debris from falling into the hopper. If processing recycled materials, a magnetic hopper must be added to prevent iron scraps from entering the barrel;
4) Never start the machine when the barrel has not reached the preset temperature. Newly opened electric heating generally requires the temperature to reach the set value 30 minutes before operating the screw;
5) Make sure that the plastic in the barrel is completely melted when using salivation, so as not to damage the transmission system parts when the screw retreats;
6) When the temperature of the molten plastic is normal but the black spots or discoloration of the molten plastic are constantly found, check the rubber screw check ring seat (over the rubber ring, meson) for damage;
7) It is better to close the blanking port and clean the material in the barrel and set the insulation for each stop for more than half an hour.
8) When using new plastic, the remaining material of the barrel should be cleaned. Use POM, PVC, PA+GF and other materials to minimize the degradation of raw materials, and rinse them with ABS and other nozzle materials in time after shutdown.
Therefore, when using a screw barrel, you must always remember these eight maintenance methods so that the screw barrel can be used for a long time.