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Rubber Screw

Rubber Screw

Zhoushan Changjia Plastic machinery Co.,Ltd.

Screw diameter:Negotiable
Application:Extruder, Injection molding machine
Birthplace: Zhejiang Province, China (mainland)


Rubber Screw Details

Material and specifications:

1, cold feed rubber screw and barrel;
Specifications; Ф40-Ф300MM
Aspect ratio; L / D = 8-20
2, hot feed rubber screw and barrel;
Specifications; Ф30-Ф250MM
Aspect ratio; L / D = 4-8
3, pin machine rubber screw and barrel;
Specifications; Ф60-Ф250MM
Aspect ratio; L / D = 12-18

Screw type:

Different plastic properties, you can choose different structures of the screw, can improve the plasticizing effect] Gradient, mutant, wave type, barrier type, double screen type, split type, separate type, exhaust type, pin type, mixed type , Double-headed, three-head, long type and so on.

Screw Use Material:

Raw materials Finished product requirements
The finished product processing requirements 38CrMoAlA,SACM645,42CrMo Nitriding treatment
42CrMo,AISI 4140 Electroplated hard chrome layer
Cr12MoV,SKD11,SKD61,YXMI,EFZD,DC53,SKH55,SKH59,SKH58,SKH51,SKH-9,ASP60,ASP30,ASP25,CW6Mo5Cr4V2 Sprayed bimetallic alloy layer re - nitriding treatment
Spraying bimetal alloy layer and nitriding treatment YPT72,DAC-MAGIC,4 Cr5MoSiV1 Double alloy overall coating
PM38,SI36,SUS440,9Cr18MoVH Stainless steel, high frequency quenching
GHII3 High temperature work naturally hardened
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