WPC Parallel Twin Screws Suppliers

WPC Parallel Twin Screws

WPC Parallel Twin Screws

Zhoushan Changjia Plastic machinery Co.,Ltd.

Screw diameter :Ф20mm - Ф300mm
Application:Masterbatch, modified, extruder, granulator Equipment
Material:W6Mo5Cr4V2、38CrMoAlAandPowder alloy composites
Birthplace:Zhejiang Province, China (mainland)


WPC Parallel Twin Screws Details

Material:W6Mo5Cr4V2、38CrMoAlAandPowder alloy composites

Use:Masterbatch, modified, extruder, granulator equipment

Processing range:Ф20mm - Ф300mm

Service: In the case of PE parts defibrillators does not exceed 30% of the normal operation of 4000 hours

Mandrel is an important element to ensure the smooth operation of the extruder, so we will make several tests each combination of bits in order to ensure to achieve tolerances. Years of experience in processing so that we can supply to 6 m long mandrel. 40CrNiMo mandrel made of material at high speed, high torque, high load, in particular good toughness and mechanical properties, in the process strictly controlled precision to ensure the mandrel groove depth, groove from standard surface smooth, tough and durable. Also based on customer requirements, providing customers with high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance of powder high-speed steel and other specialty steel products. In terms of product categories, the company in addition to supply domestic manufacturers extruder accessories, as well as German Werner £ Pfleiderer WP, Leistritz Germany Rice, Berstorff Germany Berstorff, Toshiba Toshiba, JSW Steel said in Japan, Kobe, Kobe, Japan, etc. the company's machines offer standard accessories.

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